The Skatepark is OPEN for youth in grades 7-12 … Mon., Tues., Wed., and Thurs., (3-6 p.m.), and on Friday Evenings for skateboarders only (7-10 p.m.). Skateboarders are also welcomed to skate on Sunday evenings from 6-8 p.m., this is not limited to Grades 7-12 BUT also welcomes adults.

In order to skate at Cornerstone, you must:

• Have a PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN sign a waiver, IN THE PRESENCE OF a Cornerstone staff or volunteer person.
• Wear a helmet when skating. (Cornerstone has spare helmets you can use.)

“Skateboarding” refers to use of skateboards or scooters. We love BMXers, but cannot allow biking in the park.

And, check out our 19 foot rock climbing wall … open for youth in grades 7-12 on Friday evenings! ALL under age 18 climbers must have a parent signed waiver to climb, signed IN THE PRESENCE OF a Cornerstone Staff or Volunteer. ALL Climbing gear is provided and the wall is under the supervision of qualified staff.