Monday–Thursday, 3–6pm for grades 7–12

The Skatepark is OPEN for youth grades 7-12 … Mon., Tues., Wed., and Thurs., (3-6 p.m.), and on Friday Evenings for skateboarders only (7-10 p.m.) … ALL skaters must have a parent sign a waiver in front of a Cornerstone Staff or Volunteer.

Stop by and check out our new 19 foot rock climbing wall … opening on Friday evenings in late July for youth in grades 7-12. ALL climbers must have a parent signed waiver to climb, signed on site in front of a Cornerstone Staff or Volunteer. ALL Climbing gear is provided.


In order to skate at Cornerstone, you must:
• Have a PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN sign a waiver, IN THE PRESENCE OF a Cornerstone staff or volunteer person.
• Wear a helmet when skating. (Cornerstone has spare helmets you can use.)

“Skateboarding” refers to use of skateboards or scooters. We love BMXers, but cannot allow biking in the park.