Wish List

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Every day after school, and throughout the summer, youth from the community of Elizabethtown enter our doors to spend time with us and one another. What we provide is an environment for youth to come and play games, do their homework, learn about God, spend time with us and one another, and eat dinner together. Their time here gives our youth life skills such as teamwork, patience, learning, following rules, caring for one another, and cooperation. Each item or service that you give from our wish list will serve a greater purpose in the lives of our youth and help support us in serving them well. Thank you for considering these gifts!

Here are a few different types of gifts that would greatly impact our youth!

  • Physical Gifts
    • We need various supplies around our building if you would like to give something physical please click here to be directed to our Amazon Wishlist for 2024.
  • Gifts of Service
    • Perhaps you would like to donate a professional carpet cleaning for our boardroom and staff office areas please call 717-367-0000 ext.1.
    • Do you enjoy cooking food? We are looking for individuals who would be willing to cook meals for our 30 youth who are here on Mondays. For more information on this gift please call 717-367-0000 ext.1.
  • Gifts of Time
    • We need people to help us care for the youth of the Elizabethtown community. There are so many ways to do that including things like: transportation to Cornerstone, cafĂ© baristas to make coffee for our youth, arts & craft volunteers who like to make things, and much more. If you are interested in seeing what else is available check out our volunteer page located here.